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6 Simple ways to improve your relationships

improve your relationships

This article explores some research proven basics that are crucial to developing deep and meaningful connections that will improve your relationships.

Well, often people struggle with relationships either in family or outside just because of poor communication skills and zero core knowledge.

Practice listening

      Honestly, everyone wants to be listened.

Or in other words, nobody wants to keep raising their voice just to get heard by the person who is supposed to listen to unspoken words.

Be a good listener. Learn to pause.

Stay engaged in a conversation without interruption.

Nod your head and repeat their words to make sure you are actively listening.

As the wise men say; speak less and listen more.

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Understand perspectives

              It is the same world but different minds see it in a different ways.

The same world has different POV in every single mind on this earth.

It may look 6 to you but to them, it may seem 9.

You have to accept the fact that differences are the factors to diversity and have nothing to do with complexities.

Simply, accept others POV and keep your own to yourself.

Problem solved!

Spread positivity

        Positivity resonates in real world.

It acts like a magnet, removes insecurities, grudges, gossips and brings smiles, courage and overall wellbeing.

Who won’t like a positive person?

Set boundaries

         Boundaries look like a way to detachment but in reality, setting boundaries is a way to deepen your connections.

Let’s dive deep. If they don’t know your boundaries, they will keep violating it you will be upset without explanation.

Set clear boundaries and they will know their limitations in relationship.

Practice sympathy

             No one here is perfect and no one will be!

We all try to be better than yesterday.

Stop expecting others to be perfect in every aspect. Real people make mistakes.

Real people apologize.

And of course, real people forgive.

In your relationships are with real humans, get ready to accept their mistakes, forgive and correct each other.

Practicing sympathy and understanding are the best things you can do to improve your relationships.

Strictness without flexibility will leave you alone.

It is not always 50 50

   Every relationship is sustained in a 50 50 way. But that is not something for ever.

We get bad days. Sometimes we get overwhelmed.

So when you are not getting that 50 from the other side, understand that you have to put more efforts like 70 and even 80 to make it work. Changes happen and the best thing you can do is to approach the changes with a positive and understanding mindset

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