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Why is generation Z the Most Stressed? 5 Reasons!

generation Z

Researches indicate that generation Z is the most stressed generation in the world’s history.

But wait! First of all, What exactly is generation Z?

Individuals born between 1996 and 2010 are generally referred to generation as Z.

They are known for their interest and advancement in technology and internet.

Now let’s come to our actual question;

Despite of the availability of endless facilities, better socialization, improved communication and ease in life, why is still the generation Z the most stressed generation?

Let’s find out!

Reason 1: Tough competition

Competition among people and especially youth, has reached an enormous level.

Overpopulation is to blame for the severe competition among the members of generation Z.

The resources are limited so it cannot fulfill to needs of every single individual.

The tough competition over limited resources increases stress among generation Z as some of the members are always left deprived, hopeless for jobs, loans and other opportunities.

Reason 2: Unrealistic expectation

           The relationship of generation Z members with their parents is so much confusing.

The generation gap is much greater in this case.

Parents look at some quick rich and famous people on internet and expect the same from their children in less time.

They start comparison and high expectations.

The targets parent set for their children seem unrealistic and unachievable.

The hopeless kids have no other way than stressing.

Reason 3: Social media

         While social media is a good platform for online business, digital marketing and socialization, it has also affected generation Z members terribly.

One of the major problems with social media is that it is full of perfect movement of stage performers.

The complexity starts when youngsters start comparing their chapter 1 with someone’s chapter 8.

Reason 4: Endless busyness

         In the era of technology, people are becoming more and more busy without being productive.

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The online gaming, endless scrolling and needless texting results unproductive busyness.

Due to this extreme busyness, youngers have less time for themselves and important things in life.

Reason 5: No socialization

      Digital devices and materialism are making people more and more isolated from friends, family and their social circle.

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This causes no helpful conversation over problems and important matters.

Social isolation causes more burden, unresolved problems and more stress.

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