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5 Amazing Ways to Live as a Happy Zoomer


If you are a zoomer, remember that being vulnerable to stress does not mean that you have to be stressed.

While zoomers, or more precisely the generation Z individuals, are highly vulnerable to stress and anxiety but this is not always the case.

It simply means that conditions are such that a Zoomer can easily be stressed.

The good news is that “proactivity” is proven to be helpful in avoiding stress in long term.

Now before jumping to the next section, what is “proactivity”?

In simple words, being proactive means to be aware of the current and near future conditions and situation so as to be mentally prepared for a proper response when needed.

Read on to learn research proven ways to live as a happy Zoomer in a society where there are hundreds of reason to shed tear and too little reasons to smile.

1. Live a Real Life

           The first question in your mind will be

“Am I living a fake life?”

Well, exactly No. actually, you are living a mixture of real and fake life.

You scroll through the apps which have nothing to do in your life.

You spend hours daily on a screen which has nothing useful to watch.

You keep watching reels while knowing that this is nothing but a waste of time.

You gossip about people which in reality have no role in your life.

You complain about little problems in your life while ignoring the limitless blessings in your life.

Is this called real life?

This is a fake life which you and your surrounding folks have created for yourself.

Fake life creates unnecessary drama in life which is causing so much stress among youth.

Shed away what you don’t need in life. Shed away what does not matter.

Turn to something real. Be real and face reality.

Reality is much beautiful simple.

Next time when you start scrolling or turn on your TV or start complaining your life, ask yourself this simple question;

“Does this really matter?”

2. LimitYour Emotionality

         Our ancestors were mentally strong because they used to fight, go to wars, go hunting and manage businesses in early ages.

All an average Zoomer does is to go to school, get the degree and then sit in the office.

This society is producing weak men and women.

You will be amazed to know that a huge number of zoomers get panic attack when someone shouts at them.

The comfort of this society has made generation Z weak, mentally.

Being sensitive is totally okay but this level of sensitivity is alarming.

Know that rejections, disagreements, failures and harsh situations are part of the game.

Stop wearing heart on your sleeves.

Last but not the least; control your emotions are they will control you.

3. Learn Financial Management

       Financial management is a big challenge for a Zoomer.

Finances play a key role in your life.

Researches say that majority of the generation Z people are struggling financially.

Now what is the reason behind this situation?

Simply, it is the lack of financial management.

As internet and computer skills are in high demand, earning money is not that hard but it is the lack of financial education in our schooling system that is causing the problem.

Assets, liabilities, savings and spending have definitions and rules.

If you are planning to start a business, read:

How to start a business

Side hustle ideas for students

The book “Rich dad, poor dad” is still the best book for financial education.

4. Have Good Relationships

            Good friends, loving family and positive social circle are really blessings.

Zoomers, these days, are becoming more and more isolated and the reason they present is just because someone humiliated them, broke their heart or cheated them.

The basic concept in human behavior is to understand the fact that if a man or woman is totally lonely and isolated, his or her mentality will be crashed.

Another case is that if a man or woman has a social circle but has no good relationships with colleagues, family and friends, again, the mentality will be crashed.

So we conclude that socialization is an essential area of life and that you cannot present the excuses of heartbreaks and cheatings to avoid socialization.

5. Be happy with the Less

              Now I am not telling you to stay lazy, limit your comfort or do not have financial freedom.

The problem with “global village concept” is that the whole world is in front of your eyes.

Rich, poor, healthy, sick, fit and unfit are now on the same global platform.

It has become much easier to look at people above you are start complaining about your life which is in fact full of happiness, love, prosperity and success.

So the key concept is that start being happy with what you have while working for what you want. It is perfectly fine to have big goals of financial freedom and facilitated living but if takes time, you start by accepting and enjoying the process.

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