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Activities That You Can Do In Free Time

activities you can do in free time

Time is a precious gift of nature. You can either use it wisely or loose it foolishly.

Ali Khan

People are becoming more and more busy and it is becoming difficult to have some free time.

In fact, many of our hours flow in the hustle of the world. Sometimes, in our busy days, fortunately we get a free time which maybe a week, a month, days or some hours.

Still we can call it free because at least it is free from our daily work. The problem is that many of us have become so habitual of this hustle that they hardly have a plan for their free time.
Therefore, below are some useful activities which you can do in free time which will be joyous, bring you some personal development (both physical+mental) and inner satisfaction as well.


Prefer reading over watching.

Prefer reading over watching.

Simply select a collection of books for your free time ahead. That will be totally based on your personal preferences ranging from novels and stories to self-help and motivational books.

The rule is that go for the books by well known authors. It will help you in overall better experience and these books will be worth investing time.
Here are some well known and easily understood results of peaceful reading.

  • Develops vocabulary (all books)
  • Enhances language skill (all books)
  • Familiarity with many cultures and peoples (novels)
  • Boosts performance at work (self help)
  • Helps in learning new strategies (self help)
  • Increases awareness of the world (current affairs)
  • Can increase your performance spiritually, mentally and physically based on your personal choice.

In short, every type of books are available. Just make a choice, open your favorite book and fly in time.

Language course

Without language, our thoughts will remain thoughts, forever.

Without language, our thoughts will remain thoughts, forever.

Ali Khan

Gone are the days when family, interactions, business and affairs were accumulated in a small area having same people, same culture and of course the same language as well.
The “Global Village” concept is expanding the whole process and all the peoples of nations are connected on the same platform.

Businesses are growing among nations and all the interactions are becoming more and more wider. Therefore, a native language becomes too less when this situation is taken into account.

Invest time in learning a foreign language as much as you can. This may not benefit you at the moment but will prove much helpful in your near future.

Skills development

There are many skills which you can develop in your free time for the challenges ahead, for example communication, public speaking, leadership, active listening, patient speaking etc.

The simple rule is; you need to focus on those that you believe that you are in need of them or you will certainly need them in future

. Simply write them down and start working on them. Single pieces of work on daily basis results in a huge mastery. Just remember that any type of development is better than sitting around the screen, flipping channels.


Nature never fails to amaze you.

Nature never fails to amaze you.

Gardening is something we all are hearing about, since childhood but in reality, very few have actually tried it and have known its tremendous results in their lives. Gardening is a natural activity ( a hobby for many) which requires a little space from you as compared to many outdoor activities.

You can do it in your home or in your backyard. All you need is your interest in gardening.

You can grow flowers, vegetables, fruits and many other things in your garden. your garden will become your playfield as well as your highly productive area.
Some beneficial results of gardening are:

  • Familiarity with nature
  • yield vegetables, fruits and flowers
  • understanding botany
  • Body neutralization when you land bare footed on ground
  • pleasing effect(hormones balancing) by nature.

Spend time with family

Have time for your family when free, or free your time for family.
source: pexels

When the work is finished, the day ends and the sun sits, all you have to do is to return to your family with a smile.

Ali Khan

One of the negative consequences of social media and being busy is that it has parted the families in a very bad way.

You may have 1000 friends on your Facebook, 500 followers on Instagram but those seeing you in hospital will always be your family.

Have time for your family when free, or free your time for family.

They are the ones who will keep smiling when you keep winning and will be there when everyone else leaves. Remember that on your deathbed, you will not regret the money you did not earn or the business you did not start but the true relations you broke and the loving family you avoided.

If you have free time in months or perhaps a year, you can try some business start up as a side hustle:

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