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Basic Exercise Equipment for home

basic exercise equipment for home

Why would you need exercise equipment for home?

The short answer is that these basic tools will save you more time, give you more freedom and will delete the excuses for going to the gym.

Exercise equipment at home will not only keep your body in shape but also you will have an opportunity to exercise whenever you feel motivated and full of energy.

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8 exercise equipment for home

Here are some basic portable products that are required for a workout at home:

Resistance bands

Lightweight and easy to store, resistance bands can be used for a variety of strength-training exercises.

Here are the best resistance bands you can buy right now:

Best resistance bands

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Available in different weights, dumbbells are a versatile tool for resistance training.

You can check out these Adjustable iron dumbbells:

Adjustable Iron dumbbell to buy

Yoga mat

A yoga mat provides cushioning and traction for bodyweight exercises, like yoga, Pilates, and push-ups.

Buy this Nylon non slip exercise mat for home:

Best Non slip exercise mat

Stability ball

A stability ball helps in a range of exercises to improve balance and core strength.

Look at this: stability ball with manual air pump to buy.

Jump rope

A jump rope is a low-impact, portable, and inexpensive option for cardio exercise.

Check out this: Adjustable jump rope with counter.


Kettlebells are versatile weights that help in strength training, cardio, and functional movements.

Look at these: vinyl coated kettlebells with multiple weights.

Pull-up bar

A pull-up bar improves upper body strength training exercises, such as pull-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups.

These pull up bars are amazing and easy to fit in a door way.

See: Door-way pull up bar.

It’s important to choose equipment that is safe. It should beappropriate for your fitness level, and also compatible with your workout goals.

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