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5 Bad Habits to Leave Right Now

5 signs that you are ruining your life.

Sometimes, we adapt some destructive and bad habits that slowly and eventually ruin our life. Lives have entered an autopilot mode due to extreme busyness.

Have you ever took a moment to think of such habits before letting them to ruin your life?

Here are top 5 bad habits that indicate that you are ruining your life and should be left immediately.


bad habits: overthinking creates problems

                 Overthinking creates problems in your mind that do not even exist in reality.

Thinking is of human nature and in fact, thinking is the only ability that distinguish humans from other creature. The ability to think has placed mankind above all creature.

A proverb says; excess of everything is bad.

Excess of thinking which is called overthinking is a destructive habit which many people adopt unconsciously. Overthinking dominates your life with endless deadly fears, unnecessary regrets and excessive mental burden.

Overthinking originates when we focus on things beyond our control. In this way, actual efforts are replaced by overthinking which eventually  becomes overthinking.

So simply replacing overthinking with real efforts shift your focus and save your energy from overthinking.


   You cannot reach your destination if you keep throwing stones at every barking dog in the way.

        You cannot reach your destination if you keep throwing stones at every barking dog in the way.

You will come across many people, heartbreaks, mental traumas and other disturbing things in your life.

Some people are too sensitive and such situations leave them broke, almost for years. A single mental trauma is enough to divert their focus.

They consider themselves too sensitive for this world but this is not the reality.

Adaptation is the key solution to hypersensitivity. You will do meet unthankful people.

You will do loose a loved one. This world is not that fair. Remember that you do not need to be hypersensitive to feel this world. For that, you have to be sensitive only.


             Laziness will never turn your dreams into reality.

             Laziness will never turn your dreams into reality.

 In the era of machines and technology, it is so easy to fall into the trap of laziness.

It is a destructive habit that seize your life and add many complications to it like daydreaming, complaining, frequent failures due to less work, blaming other people for failures, not taking responsibility on your life and making excuses. 

Every minute and every hour you waste become a great regret in future. Eventually, life gets filled up with regrets.

Try to replace mental and physical laziness with mental and physical efforts. Try living a conscious life. Your lazy self won’t get you where you want.

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Lack of discipline

bad habits: When consistency and persistency combine, the dreams become reality.

                When consistency and persistency combine, the dreams become reality.

Ali Khan

                A proverb states; slow and steady win the race. Discipline in daily life is of great importance. Self control, will power and mental stamina grow through the process of self discipline.

Lack of discipline simply disable someone from going big because every goal and every purpose is achieved through a process comprising of daily grinding.

If there is a lack of discipline or in other words, there is lack of daily basis progress, the dreams remain dreams forever.

There are many ways to practice discipline like meditation, sharp times of sleeping and getting up, setting a limit on social media usage etc.

Remember that self discipline and will power are like muscles. The more you exercise them, the more they grow.

Click to learn more about How to get disciplined.


bad habits: complaining kills happiness. positive vision matters.

            Have you seen some of your friends, relatives or co workers always complaining? Of course you have.

One of the bad habits to leave is frequent complaining. There are people who always complain about the mess in their life. Their focus is always on the problems rather than blessing.

Lets accept the reality that every life has blessings and problems. The law of attraction tells us that we attract what we focus on.

So complaining about problems in life becomes an endless cycle because it does not seek the actual solution to the problems but rather increase the mental burden which deteriorates the mental peace and diminishes the problem solving ability.

Shift your focus from problems to blessing. Blessings will always be accompanied by problems like the flowers are accompanied by thorns. That is how the spice adds up.

Next time when you start complaining to people about your problems, keep in mind that 80% people around you do not care and 20% are glad to hear them.

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