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How to be disciplined, easy tips

how to be disciplined.

Do you wonder how to be disciplined and let the discipline turn you into your “dream Person“? Read on to know more.

Self discipline is a practice of self control which allows us to have power over our feelings, emotions and daily activities.

As long as you are a human being, you should know how to be disciplined and should keep practicing discipline on daily basis.

Your emotions need to be in your control. The days need to be filled by your own marvelous choices and your storm needs to be calm during stress. So this makes self discipline an important part of life.

What are the ways to gain self discipline? How can you cultivate a bulletproof discipline in your life?

Read on to know about amazing tips on how to be disciplined.

Sharp sleep routine

sharp sleep routine helps in discipline

Have you ever heard about circadian cycle?

This is a pattern of changes in our body that follows 24 hours cycle. These changes are physical, mental and behavioral.

An important factor that affects the circadian cycle is your sleep routine.

The quality, quantity and regularity of your sleep affect the circadian cycle which in turn affects your overall performance.

Here is the strategy: have a sharp sleep routine.

Go to bed exactly on the same time every day and get up in the same sharp manner.

 This helps keep your 24 hours cycle steady and nourished. In this way your behavior is totally in your control.

You will have complete control over your emotions.

Additionally, when you are getting quality sleep, you will have more mental and physical energy. This also makes self control or in other words, self discipline an easy and adoptive step.

Set daily small goals

importance of small goals

Goals keep your drive push you beyond your limits

An easy way to stay disciplined is to set daily small goals. Researches has proved that daily goals contribute to self discipline in the following ways.

  • Goals help us prioritize our activities which we follow according to their importance and our energy
  • Goals keep your energy at its peek by giving you dopamine rush
  • Achieving goals has a pleasant effect which is itself a motivation
  • At the end of your day, achieved goals give a sense of satisfaction and winning which keeps your mind in a relaxed and healthy state.

     Overall, daily goals are helpful in gaining high level of self discipline. So give a try to setting daily goals in morning for the rest of the day.

Reward yourself

      Reward yourself on achievement of small goals to get towards bigger ones.

The contribution of rewarding yourself on achievement of daily, weekly or monthly goals is evident from the fact that reward secretes dopamine in our body which enables the mind to repeat the same behavior again and again.

  This makes a tremendous ease for staying disciplined for a longer time. Without rewarding yourself, your body keeps grinding and eventually, staying disciplined becomes nothing but a burden.

So make sure to reward yourself with small rewards like:

  • A trip to your favorite spot
  • A dinner at your dream restaurant
  • Watching your favorite movie

Punish yourself positively

         Seems strange, right? But it is trick which many people use to stay disciplined in an amazing way.

Every time, when you feel you have lost control of yourself, punish your mind and body accordingly.

But let me clarify the meaning of punishment here.

Make a list of some effortful activities that require mental and physical efforts and are beneficial for your future self. These include:

  • Instant exercise like push ups
  • Strict diet for some days
  • Meditation, longer than usual
  • Restricting social media for specific time

   These are some ways in which you can punish your bad self to get your best self.

With such punishment, you will stay disciplined because our mind and body do not like to put efforts.

And additionally, your future self will thank you for such punishment. And last but not least, these are beneficial things, so it is not a waste of time.


Take breaks


         Working in breaks helps boost focus on progress and lower the stress level of our body.

      A period of recovery, which is called break, has been proved to be very efficient in developing/keep discipline. Taking breaks improves discipline in many ways.

  • Firstly, when you take a break in heavy work, your body starts recovering to its fully loaded state. Resting phase should also be called recovery phase. The body, the mind and the soul recovers to original state which is previously interrupted by load, stress and heavy work. This recovery is helpful in keeping your momentum which further keeps the disciplined in a highly improved state.
  • Secondly, taking breaks lower your stress level. Lowering stress means increasing happiness, improved mood and health. This directly makes an ease for lining the pace of your life.

    Remember that a stress-free life is easy to mold as compared to stressful life. Stress diminishes the flexibility in life and makes it hard like a dry wood.

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