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5 Destructive Habits; How to quit them

habits that will destroy your life

Unfortunately, the days are passing so quickly that we hardly keep track of our daily activities and eventually, they become destructive habits, affecting the quality of our lives.

Sometimes, we indulge in activities and habits that can lead to disastrous consequences.

The key is to constantly keep track of your daily activities so that you consciously filter out the good and bad ones for your health, for your mind and for your spiritual “self”.
Here are the top five destructive habits that will destroy your life and hence signal you to start notice your life because your future may be in danger.

Endless social media

people are mostly happy on social media only.

Social media is a double edged sword.

It has its own benefits but the problem arises when we attend it too much than needed.

Of course social media helps you to grow your businesses and keep track of what’s going on in the world but that should not be at the cost of your health, wealth or spirituality.

Many of us, unconsciously use social media in their daily life. It has become an important part of their days. Social media apps sometimes take the shape of destructive habits.

They look at the screen when driving, eating, talking and working.
Excessive use of social media interferes with every corner of life from work and fitness to spirituality and relationships.

Here is more detail: how social media affect relationships

Have a look at your day. If you have the habit of scrolling down, it is really a yellow signal for you to take control of your time and start doing some conscious efforts.


The solution to many “habits terminating” like problems is conscious living. Actively take notice of every minute of your day. Avoid going into the flow of previous “repeat”.

At the same time, always use a time tracker for your android to inhabit social media from eating your time plus health.

By the way, you can find the best time tracker for android here:

Stay focused app for android

Junk food

your body is what you eat

You should be very careful about what you feed your mind and body with.

Think of a car when it is fed with bad fuel versus quality fuel. There will be a huge difference in the power it delivers in these two different conditions.

You body is not much different in this regard. It works in the same way. If you are eating junk food and those oily products too much, unfortunately, you are in danger.

It is a habit of preference usually found in young generation.
Learn how junk food decreases your daily energy(click below)

Ways to increase your daily energy

Fast food consumption is increasing at a high rate.

It affects the quality of your health and mind in the long term and eventually starts degrading your life mainly because you are focusing on short term pleasure and not long term consequences.

It is not what your body needs and, therefore, your body will give you signals in different forms to eliminate this consumption.


A simple and effective method to avoid junk food is to learn how to deal with your urges. You cannot close your eyes when driving across an ad on roadside.

And internet ads are full of cheesy burgers and pizza that makes your mouth full of water. So the simple rule is to learn to deal with your urges.

Always shift your thoughts to healthy food and long term results. It will prevent you from ingesting things that your body does not need at all.
You can make a list of healthy food and then confine yourself to it. It will be a little hard but will worth it.


grudges hold you from evolving

You will never reach your destination if you keep throwing stones at every dog that chases you along the journey.

It is observation not judgement that sadly, the world is full of bad behaviors, disrespects, misuses and arrogant people.

You will often face some people that will chase you, will try to disrespect you, will keep trying to detach you from your goals, will never accept your success, will never be happy of your achievements, will always be trying to keep you among troubles. It is nature, purely nature.

If you keep them in notice, think of them, reply them, or argue with them, you will never go ahead in your journey. If you are hypersensitive to peoples’ “doings” and “not doings”, unluckily, you will spend most of your time in sadness because majority of this world is cruel, arrogant, selfish and self-centered.


Neutrality is the best solution to hypersensitivity.
Learn to control your attention

Whenever, you come across such people, situations or behaviors, immediately shift your attention to positive and respectful things. Ignore such people like you are unaware of them.

Life is too short to focus on dogs and bitches. Have your own world of love, respect and positivity and never ever let anyone to interfere with it.


destructive habits: laziness

Time does not wait for perfection and you probably need to do so.

Ali Khan

One of the destructive habits is laziness.
We all are lazy to some extent. Laziness is in human nature. Some proofs are that we prefer the easiest and shortest way. We focus on quick faxes more. We like to get rest more than to work and so on.
Here we are talking about being ‘over-lazy’. The clock is ticking continuously and does not wait for anyone to complete their sleep, or lunch, or conversation or something more important.

We are losing time and, therefore, laziness is not even thinkable in this fast and competitive life anymore.

Being lazy means not showing up at work on time, not getting up from bed on time, not attending the meetings you set up etc etc. So it almost affects every corner of your life and eventually whole life.

Remember that every minute and every day you waste becomes a great regret in your journey ahead.


To eliminate laziness, you have to install the effortful mindset. It is a shift of mindset from adopting easiest and shortest way to adopting effortful way.

If you brush your teeth with right hand, try it sometimes with left one. Challenge yourself to reach office at 8:30 when normally you show up at 9. Simply push yourself to a harder level.

Slowly, your laziness will be changed into activeness and alertness.

Lack of discipline

destructive habits: consistancy and persistancy

Discipline can take us to everywhere we want but the problem is that we practice it very little.

Ali Khan

A disciplined life is an organized life in which everything is prioritized based on its importance and role.

A disciplined person has a very little difficulty in the race of life because it helps in the actual efforts in the right direction to make the dreams come true.

In contrast, undisciplined people face many hardships because planning and pre-mapping is much easy but when it comes to the actual daily grinding, their determination deteriorates.

The importance of discipline is so important in for the proper functioning of universe that you will observe it in every element of universe from electrons and atoms to moon and stars.

Without proper discipline in day, life becomes like stagnant water; without motion.


The best strategy is PRIORITIZATION. Spend some time alone to divide all the “DOs” based on importance plus results.

This can be done each morning. Prioritize every task and fix time for it. Stick to it (which will require efforts, of course) and then it will be installed into your mindset. Do this with every single task.

Gradually, staying disciplined will require less and less efforts. Eventually, it will become your productive habit and you will enter an “effortless flow” of productivity.

Learn: How to install discipline

To avoid destructive habits, here are some healthy activities that you can do in free time.

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