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Improve Focus and Concentration; 5 quick tips

5 ways to increase focus and concentration

Improve focus because focus is an essential component for lifelong success.

These days, everyone is getting more and more busy and unfortunately, the productivity is not increasing with that speed but busyness does.

Our days automatically get filled with many activities and very little focus is left for what we have to do or in other words, what needs to be done.

Laser-like focus is important to stay committed, stay engaged and face the challenges ahead.

It helps to hit your target in less time and more precisely.

It also helps to stay longer on the top level.

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Here are the top five factors that will keep your focus sharp on your goals so that you are not distracted by modern age distractions.

5 ways to increase focus and concentration in the long term.

Simplicity is a blessing

improve focus: Stay simple, stay focused. It is simple as that.

Stay simple, stay focused. It is simple as that.

          Let’s suppose you set a goal, made a plan and started applying strategies. Simplicity helps improve focus and concentration in the long run.

In modern world, there will be so much endless fun things which will always try to diminish your focus and engage you in short time pleasures and comforts.

This has also effects on the brain due to which you will accept the distractions easily.

Take your phone as an example.

It has so many fun things to do which will make you forget everything else and will eat a large portion of your day after small intervals.

Eventually, you will lose your focus and slowly your aims will be shifted to the memory part of your brain.

So if you want to stay focused on what you want, keep your life simple.

There are so much unimportant things in our lives which are installed unconsciously into our subconscious mind and we follow them repeatedly.

Take some time to keep track of what is important versus what is not.

Then start simplification by eliminating one by one so that only the important ones are left. In this way, you will be shifted to a more focused life.

Remember that less is more when it comes to productivity and achievement.

Handling too many things at a time will give you nothing. Focus on one aim at a time and stick to it with all your energy.

Meditate in the morning

improve focus: Meditation helps your mind to stay relaxed plus focused on your goals.

Meditation helps your mind to stay relaxed plus focused on your goals.

          Meditation is a technique which has been in use since ancient times.

It is a proven method that detoxifies your mind from daily chaos and provide you inner peace which improves focus because distractions are kicked out.

Although meditation can be done anytime in a day but specifically, it is proven to be more effective in the morning because it is the time we prepare ourselves for the grinding ahead.

Simply, find a peaceful and silent place and add 10 minutes meditation to your daily routine.

In meditation, focus on your inner self and remove unfriendly outsider thoughts from your mind in a peaceful way.

In this way, your own preferences and choices will become your first priority. Your focus will be shifted from distractions and pleasures to personal development and goals.

You will feel focused on your aims on daily basis which will result a long term achievement.

Review your goals

improve focus: A goal is only goal when it is written on a paper with a proper plan.

A goal is only goal when it is written on a paper with a proper plan.

         Of course your goals, dreams or aims should be written on a paper with a deadline and plan.

In first few days, we are highly focused and determined which keeps the fire alive within us and we stay motivated. As the days pass, our motivation starts decreasing and we tend to get back to mediocrity and being average.

In reality, our mind have got very diverse and there are so much TIME STEALERS these days that we easily lose our focus and divert to small, less efficient and average things.

So what is the strategy to cope with this problem? A simple answer is to revise your goals on a daily basis to improve focus for a longer time.

Revision has its own power. When we do not revise something, it is shifted to the memory portion of your brain.

After sometime, it is eventually removed from there too because our mind consider it an unnecessary thing. Make GOALS REVISION a part of your morning routine.

It will keep your focus straight on your aim and you won’t miss it. Reviewing goals at the morning is also found helpful to stay motivated throughout the day.

Make this a priority and soon it will become your productive habit.

Stay engaged

  The duration of your work must be greater than the duration of your rest.

  The duration of your work must be greater than the duration of your rest.

Ali Khan

Life does not pass through same phases. Some days, we feel more energetic and motivated and, therefore, put our 100%. While sometimes, our will to do efforts totally vanishes. It is completely okay.

Our mind and body need some rest and sometimes a complete day for recovery. It is, therefore, totally fine.

The problem starts when we stop pushing ourselves during hard times and start going with the flow.

In this flow, we, as a habit, start skipping days and weeks excusing. Eventually we lose our focus and dwell around small play.

Make sure you stay engaged in your progress on daily basis. Even if you are tired and do not have the will to do, still take a step or two. It will help to improve focus plus concentration.

. The purpose is to stay engaged so that your focus does not diminish in the era of “daily focus dividers”.

Ignore the opposition

If you are not opposed by anyone, you are on the wrong path.

If you are not opposed by anyone, you are on the wrong path.

Ali Khan

         When you are on the right path, making progress there must be opposition in many forms that will resist your lead. If not so, then you are not making progress at all.

It is a rule of nature and this kind of opposition, therefore, must exist in global society. An advantage of opposition is that it tests our will, desire and persistency. It differentiates between average and challenge-acceptors.

At the same time, it is also a focus divider for many struggling people. So to improve your focus, simply ignore your opposition like it does not exist.

Many of us, when face any kind of opposition, stay there copping with it and forget that it is a part of the game. Their focus is shifted from making progress to attending little distractors and opposition.

In this way, it becomes a huge focus divider and breaks your momentum down.

A simple rule is to remember that it is part of the game and best way to deal with any kind of opposition is to ignore it. Keep in mind that it there just to test your desire and attachment with your goal. So let not any kind of opposition detach you from your fine and helpful goals.

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