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5 important Things You Need in Life

5 important factors you need in life

     The 5 important things you need in life are:




adoptation to changes

New strategies

   The particular definition and meaning of success vary from individual to individual because everyone sees life from a different perspective and everyone has his own goals, purposes and definitions of many things like happiness, love, prosperity and richness.

And this is totally fine. In fact this is the reason why variety has become the spice of life.

Generally, the accomplishment or achievement of a fixed and defined goal by an individual through a process which costs hard work, sacrifices, patience and courage is called success.

Everyone wants to achieve the defined success but there is a difference between wanting and achieving.

Following are the 5 important things you need in life in order to be sucessful, satisfied and happy.


Health is the real wealth

Health is the real wealth

Your health plays a tremendous role in the race of life. Consider your body a tool with which you perform your everyday activities.

How can a former grow lush green vegetables with broken tools?

If the tool (the health) gets damaged, you cannot continue your journey for a long time no matter how experienced you are, or how much knowledge you have.

Take some time to make sure your body is in good condition. Nourish it on daily basis because when health is fine, everything just takes a little hard work and dedication.

Exercise is the best tool to improve and maintain your health.

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The more you spend time in something, the more you master it

The more you spend time in something, the more you master it

           Time is, without any doubt, an important factor that predicts success. Simply the duration of time you spend at something determines your experience in that field.

If we look at our days, we all have 24 hours in a day but still, unfortunately, many of us accomplish very little in their lives.

The problem is that many of us do not notice the small things that eat our large amount of time.

We can call them micro-time eaters but their effects are major ones.

Start noticing these time eaters and kill them with the power of self control.

They can be anything from random thoughts and laziness to mobile phone and of course (in some cases) some of your friends.

Installing a simple activity tracker to your android will also do the job amazingly.

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 the more you attend something, the more energy flows from it to you, in return.

Energy is always exchanged between two things and is never wasted.        

          It means the more you attend something, the more energy flows from it to you, in return.

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Energy is of two types; mental energy and physical energy.  These both energies have same basic unit and we are in need of both because body and mind aid each other almost equally.

When we get up in the morning, we all have limited amount of energy for that day. 

The productivity of our work then depends on the energy level of our body and mind.

End all the energy leaks to save your energy for useful work.

Energy leaks have different forms like many of us waste energy in baseless chats or some get drained in useless hangouts.

Some people are sensitive to notifications (a kind of distraction). Some of us drain their valuable energy in gossiping or irritation on someone’s behavior.

These are some of energy leaks. Try to avoid as many leaks as possible. You will automatically shift to longer, focused and productive life.


Up to date and strategic approach is always the best one.

Up to date and strategic approach is always the best one.

The strategies you apply when handling your work directly affect the quality, efficiency and probably the results of your hard work.

The “global village” concept has made the competition more tougher. There is a severe competition in every field, internationally.

New ways are developing and new technologies are being used in various fields.  Individuals apply different strategies to speed up their processes and rise to the top.

          In these changing conditions, it is necessary to continuously develop new strategies and ways to cope with the challenges of modern world.

Even if you are at the top but you use the same techniques again and again, someone will, eventually, kick you to the ground.

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Therefore, think of many possible ways for a given task. Regularly improve and purify your routine, think of many ways, look from many angles and try hard for improvements because, according to Darwin, only the fittest survive.

Adaptation to changes

The purity of water is lost from stagnation and so do yours.

The purity of water is lost from stagnation and so do yours.

Ali Khan

There come times when the ways and methods once helped you reach the top become useless. 

The techniques you used to dominate the market or the ideas that helped you to get A+ lose its magic. People who are reluctant to changes and adaptations eventually face great losses in this modern world.

Learn to be flexible to changes, adoptive to new ideas, at least at times when the old ones start becoming useless.

Let your inner self go through a continuous evolution and see the marvels of yourself.

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