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Avoid Argument; 5 Reasons

reasons to avoid arguments

Have you ever sit silently in low energy mood after an argument and wondered about why and how to avoid argument? Read on to know the answers.

                First of all, you should know the difference between discussion and argument.

Discussion is helpful exchange of ideas on some specific topic between two or more people whereas argument is an energy draining talk between two dissimilar/opposite minds.

Argument is a blind end activity with no fruitful conclusions and often leads to frustration and anger.

Some people avoid arguments to such an extent that if correcting someone is leading to an argument, they just let it go.

What are the reasons to avoid arguments with unlike minds and start putting your mental peace first?

Read on to know the reasons why you should avoid arguments right from now.

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Save your energy

avoid arguments

         Avoid arguments to save your mental energy for your personal and financial progress.

         Why waste your energy on baseless talks and endless anger when you can invest it in beneficial things with long-lasting results?

 Your daily energy is limited and if you make arguments a part of your day, you will always be drained.

Arguments involve mental opposition, raised voices and often lead to hate. Remember that hating is more hard and energy consuming than loving.

When you start saving your legendary energy, you can invest it in many corners like family, personal development, mutually helpful discussions, business, making money or other side hustles.

Reduce opposition

avoid arguments to reduce mental opposition

             The least the opposition, the smoother the progress.

       Fact is that every mind is different. Every individual has his own view/vision.

If we keep our view in our mind, we can peacefully live and work among friends, family and colleagues.

When differences are exposed in the form of arguments, this is where frustration arises.

Physically you will be free of any kind of barrier but mentally you will be opposed by your environment and surrounding because there will be so much resistive energy.  Avoid argument to help keep different views and resistive forces in minds.

This helps to keep a smooth process without mental barriers.

Maintain your value

speak less to avoid problems

         A fish with its mouth closed will never get caught.

     There is an inverse relation between mouth and mind. The ancients believed that the more you keep your mouth opened, the more your mind gets closed.

People do not see what is in your mind or heard. And in fact, they do not care whether it is right or wrong.

Your value is determined when you speak up. And when you speak in the form of argument, this is when you lose your respect.

When someone opposes your point and you start your same old convincing and protective behavior, much of your integrity and respect in lost.

Next time when you are about to start an argument ask yourself “does this really matter if we either contradict or agree on a point?”

        In most of the cases, it does not matter at all.

Cut off negativity

never allow negativity to enter

              Negativity enters when you let it in.

Ali Khan

            Arguments are one of the main reasons why there exist so much negativity in a room.

There do exist contradicting views. There are always some unlike talks. And that is how spice adds up to life, right?

    However, this is up to you to either convert the spice into negativity or positivity. Instead of allowing negativity to enter through the door of arguments, try to fix the opposing points with limitations.

Limitations mean that whenever a discussion is about to go to arguments, you prevent it by presenting a thought that you keep your view and I keep mine. We are all humans and of course we all are different.

Physical effects

connection of mind and body
source: pexels

         The quality of your mind determines the quality of your body.

Researches have shown that frustrations, negativity, anger and hateful thoughts are linked to physical harmful effects like diabetes, hypertension, stroke and other medical conditions

. And without any doubt, you will find the same frustration in your mind when you are arguing with somebody.

These are yellow warning signals. If you keep repeating the same pattern, your mind will be in a continuous frustration and eventually its effects will become visible in your body in many despaired forms.

As a proverb says “ to err is human”. We are all human beings. Sometimes we find ourselves in a state which is supposed to not be there. But we shall try our best to evolve into our highest possible perfect state. And that is achieved by following “try try again“.

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